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Loving and leaving

Suddenly the days have become sunnier and the trees more glossy. The food has become more addictive and the cheap massages and pedicures more tempting. I’m sure you can guess why… it’s because we know we are leaving. Partir c’est … Continue reading

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Wanting to POP

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Unbelievably, we are now officially half way through our time in Kuala Lumpur. That’s right. We have been here two years already. The tenancy agreement on our apartment was for … Continue reading

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It’s that Friday in the month that we hold the Writers’ Café. Always a special day for me and one that I only miss if I am out of town. Nothing else keeps me away. It was back in the … Continue reading

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Cumulative Grief – is it a superpower?

Last week I found myself in conversation with someone I had not met before. We asked each other the usual questions: where’ve you lived, what are your kids doing, how do you like to spend your time and where have … Continue reading

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Loss and friendship

  Making frequent moves, particularly between countries, is tough. And while many folk think we live charmed lives in which the women play bridge, drink pink gin and bemoan their staff while the children make friends with monkeys and end … Continue reading

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Something About Miri

It is easy to forget how exhausting a relocation can be. Even when, like me, you’ve done it many times. First there is the stressful period of not knowing when, whether and where – the Limbo Period. Then comes the … Continue reading

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Between Worlds

Ian has been in Kuala Lumpur since the end of August. I have hung behind to spend time first in The Hague, where I kept a low profile, having already said my goodbyes to our ‘old home’. Next, I wanted … Continue reading

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