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Not just a load of old lentils

You can find roti canai almost everywhere in Malaysia. Roti means bread and canai ([pronounced ‘channai’) literally means ‘flipped over’. It was, inadvertently, the first dish we ordered on our first day in Brunei last year and it was also … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall receive

Funny how life happens when you least expect it. On the road again today, we made for the Taman Negara (National Park) from last night’s stop on Balok beach near the city of Kuantan. Our drive, with a prevailing wind, … Continue reading

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Sinking in

Sinking in One year on I hold out my arms tip back my head and float, at last, on my South China Sea. Now aquamarine, bejeweled island of treasures flour-fine sands stamped black with feathered palms. Malaysia. Now you hold … Continue reading

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On the road

We are now on a tiny island east of the Malaysia peninsula, called Lang Tengah. When I last posted, from Penang, we were on an island off the west coast. I’ve often likened the mountains in the middle to the … Continue reading

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Eating our way round Penang

It’s 25 years since Ian and I last came to Penang and our memories of this island off the west coast of Malaysia are scant. We do however remember eating satay on the promenade and the E & O Hotel … Continue reading

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In search of seafood

We’ve been here almost a year now and this weekend we decided it was high time we found a beach. We’d heard tell that the closest was under an hour away and that great seafood was to be had beside … Continue reading

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Cumulative Grief – is it a superpower?

Last week I found myself in conversation with someone I had not met before. We asked each other the usual questions: where’ve you lived, what are your kids doing, how do you like to spend your time and where have … Continue reading

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