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Call me an old tart…

I stopped organising my kids’ playdates when they were about seven years old, I suppose. And so it’s a little bit weird to find myself, now, here in a new country, with a 21-year-old back in the nest who doesn’t … Continue reading

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Climbing out of culture shock

I am well aware of the culture shock cycle. I know that we move from the Honeymoon period to Disappointment and Rejection before we  move towards the Assimilation stage. But no one ever said it was easy climbing out of … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favourite things…

I have known for a long time that food is important to me. I love to think about it, read about it, look at it, eat it, cook it and even shop for it. I know that when I am … Continue reading

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How not to find a publisher

I thought that when we left the valley that would be the end to a constant source of inspiration. A five-hour train journey, with a change in the Midlands did not sound enticing. My head was too full of honeysuckle, … Continue reading

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